Senior Day Trip

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
9:00 am
Albermarle Field House, 250 Albermarle Rd., Newtonville
Welcome to Frostheaves! Live comedy, music and assorted Yankee nonsense from the most under-appreciated town in New Hampshire! Don’t miss Fred Marple’s one-man show! A guide to New England, filled with semi-true tales, rumors and outright lies!  A hilarious look at the way Yankees dress, talk, eat and other things that confuse outsiders.  Our show will take place at the well-known Inn at East Hill Farm, a beautiful place to visit in the spring! We will be sure to save time to  view the mountain, visit the animals and stop in at the gift shop! 
 Cost of Trip $ 45.00
Registration 617-796-1506 



  • Cultural