Authors’ Reading of “Swallowed by the Cold” and “So Much For That Winter” Comes to Newtonville Books

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Newtonville Books 10 Langley Road

Jensen Beach and Dorthe Nors will come to Newtonville Books to read their collections of stories and novellas, “Swallowed by the Cold” and “So Much for That Winter” respectively.


“Swallowed by the Cold” features a series of interlocking short stories detailing disasters, including: a cycling accident, drowning, arson, assassination, and bombing. “Shot through with loss and the regret of missed opportunities, Swallowed by the Cold is a searching and crystalline book by a startlingly talented young writer.”


Meanwhile, “So Much for That Winter” is composed of two novellas, each written unconventionally, and provides an entirely different experience. Through her usage of lists and text messages to tell a story, Nors “explores how we shape and understand experience, and the disconnection and dislocation that define our twenty-first-century lives.”

The two authors will read their collections on Wednesday, June 22, at 7:00pm.


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